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3 Steps Every Pet Owner Should Take on July 4th

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Follow these three steps to avoid a stressful and potentially dangerous day for your four-legged friend. By Lindsay Listanski More dogs go missing on July 4 than any other day of the year.  –Dogtime If pets could pick the one day they dread most (aside from their annual check up), chances are they would pick the Fourth of July. Follow these …


Backyard Summer Camp

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By Sam Shalom For kids around the country, the time is finally here – school is out for summer!  However, for parents, the thought of having to keep their young ones entertained and happy the whole summer can become like another full time job.  Sending your children to camp for the summer can get expensive quickly, so why not set …


Ideas for Decorating with Plants

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By Louise Gaillard  Plants add new life to your home, making it look, feel, and smell fresh. Houseplants also add oxygen to your home and some have been known to reduce toxic chemicals in the air. That’s definitely beneficial in an urban metropolis where the air quality can sometimes be affected by industrial areas and general city pollution. Consider these …


How to Make Your Home Smart for $1,000 (or less)

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Smart home technology is no longer a concept of the future, it is available (and affordable) to homeowners right now. By Lindsay Listanski Making your home smart may actually be smarter than you think. Not only do smart home appliances and technologies make a home more secure, comfortable and convenient but they are also impacting the way buyers shop for real estate. …


Make a Small Bedroom Look and Feel Bigger

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By Louise Gaillard If you have a smaller bedroom than what would be considered “standard” by a home expert and want it to appear bigger, simple solutions are at your fingertips. Just a few adjustments of your furniture, color choices, and lighting will make a huge difference. Try these easy tips for maximizing the space of a small bedroom. Start …

Essential Nursery Room Ideas

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Designing a nursery is exciting! As you begin to plan for your new baby’s space, consider some of these nursery room ideas to give you a head start on designing and decorating. Choosing the Right Room for Baby Choosing a room that will become your nursery may be an obvious choice or an agonizing decision. Whether you have a few …