10 Creative Gifts for the Kid in Your Home

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The holidays, while they should be filled with nothing but joy, can sometimes get clouded with stress. One of the biggest dilemmas that come with this time of year is the question of ‘what gifts to buy.’ In this latest holiday shopping installment, I thought it would be useful to feature some cool holiday gift options for the youngsters in your home. I must advise you however, if your looking for the hottest video games and devices–you won’t find them in this list. These suggestions solely highlight gifts that promote good ol’ fashion fun, fun that won’t have kids bogged down and glued to their T.V. or handheld device, but that can create some special moments and memories at home this holidays season. Happy shopping!

1. Zoomer

For a lot of families, owning a pet just isn’t in the cards. They can be too much of a smelly responsibility to take on in addition to life’s everyday craziness. Thanks to technology, there is a new breed of dog available called the Zoomer. Zoomer is an interactive dog that behaves just like a real dog. It can be taught tricks and understands English, French, Spanish, and Russian. This holiday season, give your kids what they want most: a puppy!

2. Lego Architecture

This Christmas, I will be ditching electronics for some good ol’ Legos. My younger brother, who is 9, used to be in love with building creations but this past year he has become consumed with playing video games. As young as he is, he can build kits that have 500+ pieces, which is incredible. Legos are perfect for any creative kid and really great for keeping them busy for a couple of hours. I love their Architecture kit line because it features popular landmarks like the United Nations Headquarters, The Empire State Building, and even The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

3. Slackers 90′ Zipline Eagle Series Kit with Seat

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I had the special privilege of enjoying 2 miles of zip-lining in Mexico. Ever since then, I’ve been addicted and can’t wait to try it again. This awesome gift will definitely keep your kids (and adults!) entertained and outside for hours!

4. Black & Decker Junior Power Workshop

black and decker 300x225 10 Creative Gifts for the Kid in Your Home

I think this Black & Decker mini workshop is just the cutest thing of all time. Set this up in your garage and let your child help you do some weekend work around the house. Teach them to start contributing …read more

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