10 Gift Ideas for a New Homeowner

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giftcard 10 Gift Ideas for a New Homeowner

With the holidays in full swing I have been getting texts and calls from my awesome family and friends asking what they can get me and my husband this year for Christmas. In past years my first response has always been a gift card to my favorite salon or store. My husband usually asks for yet another Red Sox t-shirt for his seemingly endless collection. This year our normal requests have been replaced with things like “home depot gift cards” and new appliances, because this year we became first time home owners.

Do you have a first time homeowner on your list of people to buy for this year? Here are some ideas that are sure to please:

1) Gift Cards

Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Goods gift cards have become GOLD to us. We actually joke that Home Depot has become our second home because of all the trips we have made for paint, tools and other supplies. Find out what local stores your first time buyer likes to shop at because I can guarantee they will love this gift!


homeownersmanual 10 Gift Ideas for a New Homeowner

We all know that a new home doesn’t come with instructions. Since moving in to our new home I have called my father for advice on everything from a leaking pipe to how to install a new light fixture. Give the gift of knowledge for just $14. Available on Uncommongoods.com

3) Custom Welcome Mat

mat 10 Gift Ideas for a New Homeowner

A welcome mat is probably not on the top of a new homeowners list of things to buy but a personalized mat is a cool gift to make a house feel like a home. Available on giftsforyounow.com $27

4) Yard Tools

tools 10 Gift Ideas for a New Homeowner

The weather may not permit your new homeowner to get digging quite yet but give them a head start and something to look forward to when warmer months return. Available on wayfair.com $38

5) Change of Address Card Stationery Set

Wemoved 10 Gift Ideas for a New Homeowner

This thoughtful gift is perfect for a new homeowner looking to let all the important people in their life know about their change of address. Available on Etsy $35

6) Stemware

wine 10 Gift Ideas for a New Homeowner

One of the greatest joys of home ownership is sharing your home with others. This 12-piece wine glass set for $30 from Bed Bath & Beyond is a great gift for a couple that loves entertaining.

7) _______ of the Month Gift

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