10 Ways to Incorporate Wood and Stone into Modern Design

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Sticks and stones may break bones, but they make for fabulous decor. Bring the outdoors in with a mix of wood and stone to give your modern design a natural spin.

Stone and wood have long been the foundation for home construction, but the homes below–all available Coldwell Banker listings–make these building blocks look like new! To view more homes with rock solid design, visit coldwellbanker.com.

Hardwood floors are a feature many people seek out in a home. But, how about hardwood ceilings? Wide planks line the ceiling of this modern home, softening the concrete walls and sharp corners. With floor to ceiling windows that look out to Michigan woodlands, the ceiling also gives the illusion of bringing the outdoors in.

In this home, “nature” and “glamour” are synonomous. The reclaimed wood table with a jagged edge fits perfectly with the crystal chandeliers, mirrored walls and stark white dining chairs. Don’t be afraid to mix styles to bring an unexpected pop to your dining room.

A large wooden dining table is expected, but what about high-back chairs made from 4x4s? The juxtaposition of blocky, unfinished wood with the smooth round dining table makes this modern dining room feel refined.

wood chairs

We’ve seen hardwood ceilings, but how about hardwood tiles? This unique half-bath displays another modern spin on using wooden architectural elements in home design. The combination of a textured feature wall and modern fixtures creates a clean, spacious look.

wood bathroom

A wooden headboard doesn’t have to look like it was designed for a century gone by. Though this dark wood headboard is certainly fit for a king, the simple clean lines screams modernity. In a room full of low-to-the-ground furniture, the floor-to-ceiling headboard makes the room feel loftier.

wood headboard

This bathroom has it all: waterfall countertops, layered stone tile, wooden cabinets, and a river rock shower floor. But, the true show stopper in this master bath is the wood framing on the bathtub! Similar to some designs that use cabinet facades to hide appliances in a kitchen, the wood elegantly disguises the white tub.

wood bathtub

Sure, stone countertops have been a la mode for decades, but adding a waterfall element to your kitchen island instantly updates with a natural twist. Let your countertop, whether it is granite, marble or quartz, spill over the side of your counters for a luxurious design that maintains continuity and clean lines.

waterfall granite

Concrete countertops, natural stone tile and even rock sink basins make this vanity, well, rock! Don’t be afraid to stick with one genre of material–stone in this case–and simply use a variety of textures to create aesthetic interest.


This stone fireplace is anything but traditional. The layered marble adds a subtle textural interest to an otherwise simple design concept. Adding a stone fireplace to your sitting room doesn’t have to mean river rocks or red brick, try a sleek slab-style for a modern look.

stone fireplace

A stone fireplace gets a modern twist by aligning the hearth off center. An instant way to bring modernity to a room is to use unexpected asymmetry.

offcenter fire

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