3 Smart Cover Plates to Add To Your Home Today

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So simple but so smart!

It’s rare that products we find in the home tech space are $20 or less. These three products are affordable, innovative and worth every cent!

SnapPower USB Charger 

This product was a Kickstart mega hit and raised over $839,301! Add a USB port without having to touch a single wire! Anyone else looking forward to the day where this is a standard in every home?

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Price $20  Buy It Here

SnapPower Night Light Cover Plate

You can skip plugging in a night light with this innovative cover plate. This is a game changer for those nights where finding the outlet in the dark to plug in a phone is a struggle!

Snap Night Light Cover plate

Price $15.00 Buy It Here

Recessed Cover Plate

Gain extra inches of space behind so furniture can fit flat against the wall and hide wires that go from your home theater system to your television in the wall.

Recessed cover plate

Price $18.60 Buy It Here

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