3 Year Old Shares 3 Last Minute Christmas Tips for Your Home

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Right now the Internet is bombarded with tips to make your Christmas more enjoyable. Tips on gifts. Tips on what to cook. Tips on how to survive dinner when you’re stuck next to that crazy uncle who won’t stop talking about his goiter problem.

With all this information being thrown at you it’s easy to overlook the simple things that can make your Christmas all that more enjoyable at home. So instead of a design expert or a food expert or even a psychotherapist, we turned to one of the most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to enjoying Christmas…a 3 year-old.

Ok, so he’s my three year-old, but that doesn’t mean his Christmas tips aren’t applicable to your home. Just watch the video above and be sure to take notes. Subtitles are provided for those who aren’t well versed in toddler babble.

We hope your home this Christmas season will be filled with joy and laughter. And if you follow these three tips, you’re pretty much guaranteed it will be.

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