Holiday Decorating Ideas When Selling Your Home

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Are you searching for holiday decorating ideas that are buyer-friendly when selling your home? The winter months can be a difficult time to sell, mainly because there are fewer buyers and many people prefer not to move at the end of the year. Despite a slower selling season, putting a home up for sale may be necessary given one’s circumstances.

From Thanksgiving to Chanukah and Christmas and Kwanzaa to New Year’s Day, the holiday season is quite long and for many folks — both secular and religious — indoor and outdoor holiday-themed decor is customary. Following are some helpful tips for using holiday decor to dress up the strong points of your home, appeal to people of diverse backgrounds and tastes, and make your home enjoyable to your friends and family during the holiday season.

Accentuate Focal Points and Unique Features

Dressing up your home’s beautiful features can attract the potential buyer’s eye to the right spaces. An evergreen strand of garland along a fireplace mantle or a beautiful menorah placed in a picture window can help attract attention to areas of your home that appeal to nearly anyone. According to, arched doorways or custom iron or woodwork on staircases are great for places for small decorative touches like mistletoe or garland.

Complement Your Existing Decor and Color Scheme

When searching for holiday decorating ideas, consider your home’s existing color scheme and decor. If you have neutral, light-colored walls and furnishings, opt for silver hues over gold. HGTV recommends silver, white, and blue colors for neutral decor and earthy, bold colors like crimson and forest green for homes with more natural elements like wood beams and dark furnishings.

Keep It Tasteful and Minimal

Going overboard on holiday decorating can turn off buyers. This is because it can appear messy or cluttered while also hiding your home’s mass appeal. Rather than filling the front yard with inflatable reindeer and candy canes and an abundance of bright colored lights, choose a cozy and seasonal wreath for your front door and perhaps a few strands of white or clear lights around your bushes. This approach can appeal to folks from diverse backgrounds and will help make your home look inviting — even in the cold winter months when trees are bare and the weather is unpleasant.

Invoke the Senses

Making your home feel inviting and cozy is a great way to entice buyers. Take advantage of less-than-ideal weather by keeping your house warm. If possible, turn on your gas fireplace before buyers come over to create a welcoming escape from the elements. You might want to appeal to their sense of smell, too. Consider using mild pine- or cinnamon-scented air fresheners or potpourri to create a comforting atmosphere.

When looking at holiday decorating ideas, be sure to keep minimalism and mass appeal in mind with whatever you choose to do. As with selling a home, the tried and true staging principles still apply: Keep your home well maintained, clean, and free of clutter and odors.

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