5 Hot Tips to Help Lower Your Heating Bill

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It seems that once the temperature drops, everyone tries to balance staying warm with keeping their heating bill costs at a plateau (no easy fete). However, there are certainly ways to help keep the frigid temperatures outside and the money inside your pocket, where it belongs. Try implementing a couple of these tips into your winter routine and see how making such small tweaks can add up to big results!

  • Insulation:

This of course is a top factor in determining your home’s temperature, year round. Think of insulation like wearing outerwear: a light windbreaker isn’t going to keep you warm and snuggly in the winter’s 20 degree temperatures. But a high quality parka will keep you better prepared to weather any condition.

  • Utilize Ceiling Fans:

Fans aren’t just for staying cool in the summer months. If you have a ceiling fan in your room, adjust it to rotate clockwise which helps to pull cold air up and trap heat in the room.

  • Turn Down the Thermostat:

Lowering your thermostat 10-15 degrees before leaving to work can help to save 10 percent by year end on your heating bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. No sense keeping the house nice and toasty if no one is in it!

  • Swap Out your Décor:

Windows are known to release huge amounts heat. But it’s not their fault; they are technically holes in the wall. Combat window drafts by switching up your interior design. Transitioning to thick and heavy drapes in the winter is a tried and true way to keep the warmth in your home from escaping.

  • Bedding:

A few years back, a friend of mine recommended that I try out a heated mattress cover and/or a heated blanket. She said they were relatively inexpensive and would totally keep me warm through the night. I took her up on the suggestion and ever since have coveted the moments I get to spend in my toasty bed. It’s a great way to stay warm without having to turn up the heat in the entire house.

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