6 Ways Mason Jar Decor Can Give Your Home a Cool New Look

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Want to create a unique, even rustic, feel for your rooms? Just add mason jars. From everyday uses to holiday decorations, mason jars have become a versatile tool for making a house feel more like a home. Here are six mason jar decor ideas to use in your DFW home.

1. Tidy Up Your Bathroom

Have a counter full of bathroom necessities that need a special home? Paint some mason jars to match your color scheme, and start using them as storage space. The options are limitless:

  • Use mason jars as vases to add pops of color with flowers.
  • Convert jars into soap or lotion dispensers.
  • Find a way to corral all those wayward toothbrushes, and even keep the small cotton balls and cotton swabs under control.
  • You can line them up to hold makeup brushes and eyeglasses.

To free up counter space, try adhering your mason jars to a pallet board.

2. Light Up the Outside

Whether you live in a large Texas home or a small apartment, you still want to light up your outdoor area. Mason jar decor can be cleverly used to replace boring outside lamps. Generally speaking, once you remove the original globe, the mason jar will easily screw in to replace it, adding a fun design element to your porch.

3. Chandeliers, Anyone?

There’s nothing grander than a chandelier on display, and there’s nothing more fun than personalizing your lighting to make it your own. Whether you need lighting over your dining table, your patio, or the entryway of your home, mason jars give you plenty of options for creating your own personal stamp in your decor.

4. Go-To Gardening Accessories

Mason jars have long provided a great way to store nails, screws, and random odds and ends used for outdoor projects. So why not use mason jars in your gardening? You can make your own wall planter with traditional clear mason jars and pallet board, and then use them for houseplants or a herb garden. Angle them if you want, or add some chalkboard paint and label the oregano, cilantro, and rosemary for handy uses at dinnertime.

5. Craft Room Crazy

When it comes to craft rooms, the mountain of supplies can sometimes get out of control. Mason jar decor to the rescue: Use the jars to organize your art and sewing supplies, along with the kids’ arts and crafts supplies. For sewing, keep buttons in one jar, thread in another, and ribbons and lace in their own jars. You can even add a soft cushion to the lid of one of the jars and instantly have a place to safely keep needles and stick pins. Once you’ve organized those paintbrushes, paint pens, markers, glitter pens, and rulers, you can add a lazy Susan to make your storage even smarter.

6. Keep It Simple

Sometimes, you just want a little splash of color, or a simple centerpiece, or something to reflect the light just right. Mason jar decor is flexible enough to offer all of these, without stretching your budget. Get a blue mason jar, add a few red or pink flowers, and you’ve brought the color.

Whether you’re experienced with DIY or just want simple decorating additions, mason jar decor has you covered.

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