9 DIY Welcome Mats to Add Instant Charm to Your Porch

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Like a smiling face, a charming porch makes a great first impression.

According to our friends at Hometalk, the quickest and least expensive way to increase that charm is by adding an easy DIY doormat. Try one of these 9 sweet welcome mats, to increase your home’s curb appeal, and help your front porch leave a winning impression.

1. String together colorful wooden slats

Image: Wendi/H2O Bungalow

Give several slats of wood a colorful makeover, and then mix and match them into a delightful doormat, to add some summertime tones to your home exterior. (Here’s how to do it)

2. Turn a boring welcome into a bold one

Image: Serena/Thrift Diving

If you’ve got one of those boring grey welcome mats lying around, give it a brand new look with a bold color combo. A fresh new face can totally reshape your front porch, and when it’s this easy, there’s no reason to wait! (Directions here)

3. Add a herringbone pattern to a plain background

Image: Bridget and Casey/The DIY Playbook

Pick up a cheap, neutral colored doormat from your local shop, and then add painted patterns, to highlight your porch decor and flower pots. For added interest, throw in a contrasting color, to really seal the look. (Here’s how)

4. Give your porch some coastal flavor

Image: Bethany

It’s summer, after all, so why not bring a bit of the beach to your front door. Create a wooden mat using slats cut to size, give it an ombre makeover, and then add a cute nautical image, like shells or seahorses, for a fun summertime look. (Learn how here)

5.Use paint to add highlights


Image: Jennifer/The Craft Patch

You don’t have to replace your doormat if it’s still functional – all you have to do is add a little flair. Highlight some of the interesting details or shapes in your dull doormat, by giving it a bright brush of paint. (Get directions here)

6. Include a kind message

Image: Bethany/Pitter & Glink

Make your doormat instantly friendly, by adding a message, word, or catchy phrase with a stencil and spray paint. Turning a simple woven rug into a personalized welcome is easy, and it’s a fun chance to get creative. (Here’s how to do it)

7. Personalize with a monogram


Image: Stephanie/Stephanie White

Give your doormat some delicate detailing, by adding an understated monogram. This charming welcome mat would make a lovely hostess gift, too! (Get directions here)

8. Create an overload of colors and shapes


Image: Royal Design Studio/Paint + Pattern

Combine all the color, patterns, and pieces of your porch decor, and tie them together with an eye-catching doormat. There’s no limit to the impact you can make for your curb appeal when you create a colorful accent for your porch. (Here’s how)

9. Keep it classy and simple

Image: Sarah/Little Red Brick House

While color definitely makes a pop, you can make a high-impact door mat without it, too. Keep your design classy and simple, with a stained wood mat topped with a plain print monogram or image. (Tutorial here)

Looking for more great curb appeal ideas and inspirations? Check out the curb appeal page on Hometalk!




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