A Robot that Protects Your Yard from Intruders

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patrolbot mark ii A Robot that Protects Your Yard from Intruders

Sick of varmints causing chaos in your garden? Inventor Steve Norris created a solution. Steve created PatrolBot Mark II which is a telepresence robot that will deter intruders using gentle deterrence in the form of a light, horn, or water sprayer.

“Being a telepresence robot, the PatrolBot Mark II is controlled from the comfort of its creator’s living room. The robot beams a live video feed of everything it sees back to Norris so he can keep up on all of the news from the yard. If he sees an unwelcome visitor, he can beep the horn, shine the light or (our favorite) spray the water gun to scare it/him/her away.” (gajitz)

Here is an example of PatrolBot Mark II in action:

While this rabbit is clearly NOT REAL we think this is a pretty neat little invention that can get rid of critters without causing them harm like harsh chemicals and other deterrents would.

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You can check out more of Norris’ work here

Image via http://gajitz.com

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