A Win Win Strategy for Decorating Your Child’s Room

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Buying a home, whether it’s a family’s first house or a newer model, can be an exciting time for all involved. While parents may look forward to decorating their master bedroom or organizing a kitchen space to hold family dinners, kids may have their own “ideas” about how to creatively decorate their room. It is important for parents and children to work together so that the child’s room is unique to their taste while still reasonable for long term plans. This is especially true for young children who are likely to outgrow their own tastes and furnishings in a few years, according to the Wall Street Journal. There are several options and strategies available to parents that will allow them to avoid outrageous patterns, wall colors or fabrics while still striking a happy balance with their children. Take a look at how celebrity Kourtney Kardashian decorated her son’s room in a fun but tasteful way for her son Mason. (image via domainehome.com)

Focus on the Big Furnishings

Children often change their tastes repeatedly over the years, meaning that last year’s princess-themed bedding set may change to pink leopard or demure pastels the next. To avoid spending money on new furniture and accessories each year, parents should focus on buying neutral furniture that can match a child’s changing style. Purchasing plain desks, chairs, headboards and dressers can serve as a base for any other type of small accent pieces, such as carpets, mirrors and decorations.

The same holds true for choosing a wall color. Instead of agreeing to paint the walls electric blue or hot pink, compromise with children on pale pink or baby blue to give them more options when it comes to changing the color or decorating their space.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Once the bedspread, walls and furniture are taken care of, most children will decorate the rooms to their liking, with pictures, toys, books, ornaments and sports memorabilia representing most of their decorations, the Journal reports. This lets parents off the hook for purchasing more accent pieces and kids will have more freedom to decide where to put their personal items in their rooms.

Parents who are trying to avoid too much clutter in their kids’ rooms can also purchase colorful storage bins, small dressers and racks or shelves to both dress up the rooms and hold some their kids’ belongings. Storage bins that appeal to kids can be purchased inexpensively at several retailers, ranging from high-end furniture stores to big-box chains and home improvement stores.

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