Architect Builds Tiny House for $11,000

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Many of your reading this might pay for in a year for property taxes, mortgage payments and potentially for Starbucks coffee in a year than what architect, Macy Miller, did for what is a stunning, although tiny, home.

Having been through the ordeal of a foreclosure and with mortgage payments consistently being an issue, Miller took her dream of home ownership into her own hands by designing and building her own home for about $11,000.

The 196 sq. ft. home is in Idaho where Miller resides and plays home not just to her but to her Great Dane. Yes, a Great Dane. One of the biggest dogs on the planet lives in this micro home. Incredible. On top of all that Miller is expecting a child in March and has a place carved out to accommodate her child in her home as well.

This is incredible. I’m amazed at people who put their mind to do something like this and not only do it, but have it look amazing in the process. Yahoo has the full story and gallery of Macy Miller’s micro home.

I’m pretty certain my family of 6 people would not fit in a micro home of 196 sq. ft., but even on my own do you think you could live in a micro home? Manhattanites need not respond as we know your apartments are likely that very size, but the rest of you let us know what you think in the comments.

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