Best Places to Live: Top Booming Suburbs in America

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Booming Suburbs Graphic 570px Best Places to Live: Top Booming Suburbs in America

Last month, Coldwell Banker Real Estate made the move from Parsippany, NJ to a beautiful new home office in Madison, NJ.  While only seven miles away, it meant major changes for the morning commute. The way I see it, every minute of commute time is a minute away from my family. So like all of my other colleagues, I jumped onto MapQuest to determine the best route to our new office.

After realizing my commute would actually be shorter than before (bonus!) I knew just how lucky I am to live the suburban dream.   Not only do I live less than 20 minutes from where I work, but I have a backyard, access to my favorite “suburban staples,” and we live in a safe community filled with high-ranking schools and beautiful parks within walking distance. Perhaps more importantly though, our area recently saw a robust burst in hiring(  For me, my neighborhood is the perfect place to work hard and play harder. (Side Note: If you are looking for a place that meets your lifestyle needs check out this amazing Lifestyle Search tool on

Because job growth is incredibly important as the economy continues toward recovery, Coldwell Banker Real Estate is exploring the “Top Booming Suburbs in America” for the final installment of the Coldwell Banker® Best Places to Live series; suburbs that  are showing strong economic growth and also possess the “American Ideals” which make up the fabric of a community.

About the Ranking

The “Booming Suburbs” ranking rated 1,500 communities based on increased year-over-year levels in employment and unemployment percentages below the national norm, along with a range of attributes that include access to suburban staples (grocery stores, banks, etc.), proximity to good schools, commuting by car and community safety. (Methodology created by Coldwell Banker and partner Onboard …read more

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