Bonsai creates a gardening illusion

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Bonsai is small-scale gardening that involves training and nurturing normally full-size plants into elegant, miniature forms that simulate age.

Since plants are in fairly shallow pots, water and fertilize regularly.

U.S. soldiers brought it to this country when they returned from World War II.

Taking cues from nature, the bonsai gardener uses a plant’s roots, trunk, branches and foliage to convey balance, form and line in living sculptures that range from a few inches to about 4 feet tall.

[…] with some tropical exceptions that must be protected during cold weather, Johnson says most bonsai are best grown as outdoor plants on a patio or deck where they are often displayed on special stands or tables.

Bonsai gardeners prune and train their plants to create one of five basic styles, Gonzalez says.

A raft mimics a fallen tree with branches on the now-horizontal trunk that become trunks themselves.

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