Cool Homes Made from Shipping Containers

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I know that we here at Coldwell Banker® have some of the most phenomenal listings in the world but what I am not sure about, however, is if we’ve ever listed a home made completely out of shipping containers, yet! This post is dedicated to highlighting some of the coolest shipping container homes we could find.

As your reading this you probably are thinking, “…shipping containers, really?” but these spaces are truly are genius.

They happen to be some of the most energy efficient, affordable, and modern homes around. Their design can definitely teach those of us living in ol’ wood and brick homes a thing or two about sustainability and functionality.

According to an article by The Daily Green, a consumer’s guide to green from, “… architects and green designers are also increasingly turning to the strong, cheap boxes as source building blocks. Shipping containers can be readily modified with a range of creature comforts, and can be connected and stacked to create modular, efficient spaces for a fraction of the cost, labor and resources of more conventional materials.” In addition homes, offices, and even student dorm rooms that are made from shipping containers are great because with there being less space and land to build upon these structures are a great alternative because they can be modified to fit into small spaces.

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This is the future of student dorms for sure! Called the Keetwon Complex, it houses more than 1,000 students. Although it is made almost entirely out of shipping containers it still posses the norms that any other functioning building would like: central heating and of course wireless internet. Each student enjoys their own balcony, bathroom, kitchen, study, and bedroom. I wish my college dorms were like this!

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This is a 19-story artists’ loft in New York City. As of right now it is only a concept but architects and contractors definitely plan on moving ahead on this unique design. It will be made out of stacked containers and will be built on a slant for better optimization of the solar panels which will line the sides and top of the building.

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via Urban Space Management

In London builders assembled 73 containers in 8 days to make up 22 offices, which overlooks the Thames.

After seeing these modern and innovative structures from around the world I would definitely sign up to have one. I see this trend working its way into society and becoming a standard in building and construction; and I believe that shipping containers are what our environment needs to sustain itself and our booming world. To read more about these cool …read more

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