Country Decor Flair for Your DFW Home

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Are you ready to make over your DFW home to give it a splash of country flair? Before you begin, consider the many different options you have to include country decor throughout your house. Begin with the rooms you spend the most time in — the family room, the kitchen, and your master bedroom. This will allow you to create a cohesive design scheme to carry through these spaces.

Country Colors

Begin your country decor designs with your favorite country colors: sunny yellows, mellow blues, dusty off-whites, and touches of washed-out or earth-tone browns and greens. Keep these colors in mind, as your chosen palette will create the framework for all the other design choices you make, including wall colors, fabrics and linens, floor coverings, trim, knickknacks, and pottery.

You can approach the colors you use in your DFW home in two different ways. The first method is to use the same palette in each room, giving a uniform and somewhat more structured feel to your overall country decor design. The second method is to use different base colors in each room, tying them together with specific design images or themes, which will give your decor a more flowing (and less structured) feel. For instance, you may choose yellow as the wall color and base color for your kitchen, while soothing blues caress the walls of your master bedroom.

Shabby Chic … or Just Plain Shabby?

Many people associate country flair with shabby chic styles, but this is an area to take caution. While using shabby chic design pieces — like weathered wooden accents, aged lamp shades, or distressed finishes — can create great focal points, it’s also easy to overdo it. To achieve a great country decor environment, combine a mix of pieces designed to evoke a homey feeling with one or two shabby chic accents. As an example, you could pair an overstuffed couch and coordinating overstuffed pillows in country colors with a weathered wooden coffee table.

Lots of Light, Lots to See

This next country decor design idea for your DFW home incorporates the feel of light and openness into your home. To achieve this look, consider using glass-front cabinet doors in your kitchen or for your linen storage areas, and lots of wide and tall windows to let sunlight freely flow into your room. In darker rooms, or if your kitchen doesn’t have any or many windows, consider installing cabinet-mounted lighting to show off your pottery.

While you’re designing your own home’s country appeal, the last thing to remember is to make sure it suits your own personal style. Want to mix things up with splashes of other colors? That’s OK. Prefer leather couches to overstuffed ones? Not a problem. Consider what types of country decor you like best, and then combine that with other unique stylings that best fit your home and family.

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