Crafty Outdoor Decorations for Your Backyard Bash

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You’re a regular at Michaels. Pinterest is your favorite website. And you’re not happy unless you’re up to your elbows in decoupage. Now is the time to embrace your inner craft-loving self and have your family and friends clucking over your creative creations the next time you host a backyard barbecue bash at your DFW home.

While you’re beginning to plan your next party, spend some time thinking about how you can marry your overall theme and your outdoor decorations to create an ambiance that will delight your loved ones. Can’t decide on your theme? Use a few of these ideas to rev your inspiration engine.

Candles, Candles Everywhere

Instead of relying on tired tiki torches or everyday outdoor lighting to brighten your next bash, create themed candles to offset your event. You can get crafty with candles in so many different ways, from pairing unique colors and fragrances to pouring your own candles. Here are just a few ways to incorporate candles into your next outdoor party:

  • After choosing the theme colors for your event, purchase a number of differently sized candles in either your theme color or a complementary shade. Group candles of varied heights on decorative trays and place throughout your backyard on tables or ledges, along pathways, or using existing sconces.
  • Wrap candles in burlap or lace, or with colorful scrapbook paper to carry your theme throughout your backyard.
  • Craft one-of-a-kind candle holders by using photo transfer paper to show off your favorite images. This works especially well when celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

What’s In the Can?

The answer is “Anything you want!” During the weeks leading up to your party, save aluminum cans to use in many different ways in your backyard. Try to find cans in a variety of sizes, from tiny to huge, and paint, cover, or decoupage them to match your overall theme. Consider designs ranging from simple color pairing to more intricate patterns. Once decorated, spread the cans throughout your yard. Check out these ideas for using your decorated cans:

  • Medium-sized cans can hold your plastic forks, knives, and spoons for guests to use.
  • Cans can be paired with similarly sized candles as an inventive holder.
  • Arrange fresh bouquets in cans placed on tables for your guests to enjoy.
  • Carefully punch holes in your cans in decorative patterns, and then fill with mini strings of white lights to light up pathways or the area around your patio.

Fabric Fun

Forget about crepe paper or banners of paper triangles. Instead, use fabric for fabulous backyard flair. You know those leftover pieces of fabric that get shoved away after you complete other projects? Dig them back out and use them around your yard to add pops of color and lovely visual appeal. Try some of these designs:

  • Tie long, narrow strips of fabric around open- or slat-backed chairs. Use up to a dozen strips per chair, and don’t be afraid to mix and match designs.
  • Tie short, narrow strips around silverware at each place setting.
  • Braid together longer lengths of fabric, then string around your backyard as you would crepe paper.
  • Tie strips of fabric around twine and hang throughout your backyard.
  • Stretch larger blocks of fabric to create screens between different areas of your yard. You can use this idea to indicate separate seating areas or play areas for children, or just use them to create a backdrop.

Now that you’re armed with a few ideas, it’s time to get crafty and create outdoor decorations that will leave your friends and family talking about the inventive environment you’ve designed.

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