Creative Ideas Using Pallets at Home

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Six ideas on recycling a pallet to create something new (out of something old) for your home

Do you have an old pallet (or two) taking up space in the shed or hidden behind it and have been contemplating on burning it at your next backyard bonfire? Here are some interesting ways to repurpose a pallet and create a talking piece for everyone to admire.

Pallet Walkways

Dismember the pallet and use the planks to create a new walkway in the garden. Make sure to seal the wood if you want it to last.


Pallet Pots

Either completely taking the pallet apart to create an upcycled container, or using the pallet as is to create a vertical planter – you can’t go wrong. I wouldn’t plant edible plants in these types of containers though since it might be chemically treated wood.


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Pallet Art

Who needs a canvas when you have a pallet? You could use the pallet as is, or maybe just parts of it, to create your masterpiece. Pallet art ideas are endless.

Pallet Art

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Pallet Furniture

Reusing pallet wood to create furniture is another creative venue – from coffee tables to chairs – if you’re handy with some power tools.


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Pallet Decks

If you have a handful of pallets – or know where to locate some – turning them into an outdoor seating area could be a super easy way to create a cost-effective deck.


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Pallet Pet Beds

Everyone needs a place to get cozy and relax, even our four legged friends. Why not turn your pallet into a poochie paradise retreat.

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