Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Floor for Your Home

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My husband and I recently bought our first home. After the lengthy negotiating, inspection and closing process, we finally had that magical moment where it all became real! Let me take you through a play by play of what happened that very first exciting morning.

We were handed the keys.

We ran around the house doing a happy dance realizing we achieved the dream of home ownership.

I Instagramed and Facebooked our first “official homeowner” pic

We went into the guest bedrooms and ripped up the carpet.

Yes, before we unpacked or did anything else our focus went right to our floors. Why? Because the previous owners had pets so of course the carpet was less than pristine and because we knew there was beautiful hardwood waiting for us underneath.

It was an instant upgrade and all it took was a few tugs and rips. Now that we have been spoiled by our new hardwoods we are quickly realizing we can change the look of the other rooms too, simply by updating the floors. And that led me to our Coldwell Banker Pinterest boards where I got an immediate lesson on how important flooring is to the beauty of a room.

For my husband and I, updating our floors is more about our enjoyment of our new home. But countless Coldwell Banker real estate agents will cite flooring as an easy – and often inexpensive – update home sellers can make to increase the value of their home.

A Variety of Options

Shopping for a new floor can seem like a daunting task because there is such a wide range of materials, styles, and prices. The good news is the choice you are about to make can not only improve the appearance of the room you are working on but also boost the property’s real estate value.

For the sake of keeping this post from turning into a book, I decided to skip going into the seemingly endless options and stick with three of the most popular choices; hardwood, stone, and tile.


There are two things that you must considering when pricing out new flooring, the cost for the materials and cost for installation…unless you are a DIYer and if you are I salute you! If you are not a DIYer then the installation cost may also include a fee for removing the older flooring.

Here is a look at how the price of these materials stack up:

Flooring Material Avg. dollar value per sq. ft*





Natural Stone

Varies depending on stone

*Source: MSN Real Estate

Once you have decided what price range you are comfortable with it is important to understand the pros and cons of each material.

The Pros and Cons


Looking to boost the sales price of your home? You may want to consider hardwood. According to MSN Real Estate, “hardwoods can boost sale prices by as much as 6%, and bamboo, decorative concrete and other …read more

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