Feng Shui Your Way to Mega Millions

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I’ve recently caught the Mega Millions fever. I have to say I don’t play the lottery very often, only when I start hearing others talking about a ginormous jackpot do I start dreaming about the trips and luxury home I could buy with the winnings; so I scrounged up the few bucks of cash I had in my wallet for that chance of my life.

Last week it started with $7 that turned into a $50 winning ticket, and I was convinced that it was my time to be a millionaire. After Friday’s numbers being called, I’m back at $7 so decided over the weekend to evaluate the northern most room in my house – the prosperity room – to make sure I had covered all Feng Shui basics.

According to my go-to Feng Shui handbook – “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life” by Karen Rauch Carter – I managed to covered the basics:

  1. Things that remind you of abundance, moving water, round leave plants, moving objects, purple/green/red/gold items.
  2. Removing broken items, reminders of bad times, trash cans, and dead plants.

But there were two items – dirt and dust – that I needed to address. I removed all items from this room and cleaned the room throughouly, along with everything that I placed back in the room. In addition I noticed that there were a few items being placed in other rooms that reminded me of abundance; a jade plant and my jar full of coins which I brought into my prosperity room.

Carter’s book also reminded me to re-examine the opposite area of the bagua, which is the Helpful People and Travel section of a home (the southernmost corner of your home). Points to remember here:

  1. Things that remind you of helpful beings and favorite places as well as bells, water and gray items.
  2. Removing junk, broken items, drains and toilets (tie a red ribbon or tape around the pipe if located in this area of the home).

Whether or not you’re trying to win the Mega Millions, feng shui is an easy way to bring good things into your life, ensure your home echoes the right vibes and add some cool interior design along the way.

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