Five Reasons Why You Should “Real Estate” During the Holidays

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Guest Blog Post by Cara Ameer

On the holiday to do list – decorating, shopping, cooking, baking, parties, and oh yeah, buying or selling a home? Really? Conventional real estate wisdom has often advised buyers and sellers that once Thanksgiving arrives, they might as well hunker down and wait until next year before dealing with anything related to real estate.

If you are truly serious about moving, contrary to popular belief, the holidays may actually be an ideal time for buying and selling. The end of year can be a time of change and typically when many people make moves for job related reasons or elective relocations for change in lifestyle, pursuing different career interests, retirement, etc.

1. Less Competition

The amount of properties for sale and actual buyers tends to dwindle this time of year. However, of those that are out there, they tend to be truly serious and motivated, so quality vs. quantity. As a seller, this means it’s a great time to have your home stand out and capture attention, particularly in the low inventory climate that many real estate markets are experiencing. A new listing will most likely gain immediate interest from the most serious of buyers that have been looking and exhausted all available options. In addition, those buyers that have been renting with leases ending towards the end of January or February can be motivated to spring into action. Less properties on the market may mean the ability to command top dollar now. If the buyer waits until next year before making a decision, the house could be gone as there could be more people vying for it.

2. More Motivation

Around this time of year, the holiday mood can elevate everyone’s spirits and may make negotiating a bit easier. Sellers can become a bit more flexible with their pricing as getting the home under contract before the end of the year can often be a goal, particularly if the home has been on the market for awhile. This time of year is often when you start to see some price reductions happening and incentives offered, such as paying closing costs. As a buyer, you may just get a nice surprise thrown in, like that furniture you wanted to ask for, or you can get creative and propose a concession that you would like the seller to consider – keep in mind terms and conditions with your loan may apply.

3. Buyers Never Stop Looking Online

The holidays themselves and cold weather days typically mean very heavy traffic on real estate websites. After everyone has done their celebrating and is just hanging out, they are often on their new laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc., looking up what else – real estate!

4. Networking Opportunities

This time of year is one of networking, renewing friendships and establishing relationships with existing and new people. What better time with all …read more

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