Forget Wearable Tech. Livable Tech is the Star of CES 2014

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Watches you can make calls with. Bracelets that monitor your heart. Hats that comb your hair for you. These are just some of the things you’ll hear about at the world’s largest tech show, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) taking place in Las Vegas this week. Ok, I made one of those up.

The hot buzzword for the event this year is “wearable tech” and almost every major vendor will showcase some piece of jewelry, apparel or accessory that is tech-based and Internet enabled. While this is surely a trend the big star of the show is actually what will happen inside your home. I’m calling it “livable tech.”

The purpose of technology is to make things simpler. Easier access to information. Automation of tasks. Stuff like that. What I see happening is that the shift is being made from tech being the focal point of our business lives and entertainment to it helping assist the running of our homes.

The road to the connected home is paved with dreams of automation.

Typically at CES the focal point of home tech is centered around the TV, and rightfully so. Having been to the show before there are more TVs at CES than collectively in the entire state of Rhode Island. And this is rightfully so. Think about it. The TV is the one piece of technology that you build entire rooms around. The 4k, ultra-HD TVs on display at CES will blow your mind. I’ve already got my eye on the 105 inch curved TV from Samsung. But CES is becoming more home focused than just showcasing TVs.

Of course we’ve talked before about how the Xbox One and Playstation 4 will transform family rooms, but “livable tech” is expanding into almost every facet of our home. From devices like Nest that can control your thermostat or updating your DVR, there’s now even devices to monitor how many eggs you have left and whether they’re going bad or not so it can alert you on your mobile phone.

That’s just scratching the surface. Windows that can display outside temperature within the glass pane. Mobile apps to automate shopping lists based on what’s left in the fridge. Doorbells that have facial recognition and video cameras to alert you who’s there whether you’re in the house or not. All these things are going to be seen at CES this week.

One of my favorite tech sites, CNet, does a fantastic job reporting on CES and they’re even hosting a special panel and online hub for all the home tech related items from the show. You can follow their conversation on Twitter with the hasthag #CNETsmarthome or by visiting their site here.

My favorite quote in reference to “livable tech” is from CNet where writer, Lindsey Turrentine, says, “The road to the connected home is paved with dreams of automation.” That’s a perfect line to describe where things are going and I’m anxious to see what …read more

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