Fourth of July Decorations

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The city of Jacksonville knows how to celebrate and goes all out for the nation’s birthday with impressive Fourth of July decorations. The city drapes itself in Fourth of July decorations, throwing contests for the best-dressed businesses, homes, and even boats on the waterfront. The friendly city loves the holiday and invites residents to join in the fun. After all, it’s the country’s birthday!

Jacksonville homeowners compete in neighborhood contests and like to show off their patriotic flare. With splashes of red, white, and blue, homes decorated for Independence Day can rival Christmas holiday decorating. Here are a few suggestions for Independence Day adornments.

Decorate with the Flag

The primary decoration for the Fourth of July is, of course, the flag. Hang the American flag in full view on the front of your home. Remember to observe the rules of flag raising. The American flag should never be flown at night, unless a light accompanies it. So, if you plan to use Old Glory as an outside decoration, remember to leave the front porch light turned on if the flag is flying from the front porch. If the flag is freestanding on a pole in the front yard, it must be illuminated. Also, homeowners who display the flag from an indoor window should be sure that the blue field, also known as the union, is on the left when viewed from the outside.

Take a Cue from the Red, White, and Blue

Use landscaping to decorate the outside of your home with the color palate of the American flag. Jacksonville summers are perfect for potted red and white geraniums and blue hydrangeas. Also, with a little planning prior to the Fourth of July, Jacksonville homeowners can plant a red, white, and blue flower garden using petunias. Other similarly colored flowers …read more

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