Go for creepy instead of cute for a grown-up Halloween party

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If you want to host a party that merges Halloween fun with grown-up sophistication, turning your home into a haunted mansion is surprisingly easy, says interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn, founder of Flynnside Out Productions.

Flynn and two other design experts – Jon Call of Mr. Call Designs and the latest “HGTV Star” winner, Tiffany Brooks – offer decorating advice for a memorable, stylish and affordable Halloween party.

Flynn says you can make your home’s entryway extra creepy by soaking large pieces of cheesecloth in tea, then shredding the cloth once it’s dry.

Once you’ve hung your new gallery of portraits, Flynn suggests taping tiny pieces of black construction paper over the eyeballs in the pictures for a haunted mansion feel.

[…] drop anything – tiny plastic animals, seed pods, bits of moss – into the colorful liquid.

Seek out second-hand treasures: real or fake taxidermy, stone bust bookends, antique dolls and toys, and vintage books and laboratory or surgical equipment.

Chances are you know at least one person who would take on the role of spooky storyteller or mystery visitor, adding a layer of theater to the party. …read more

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