Here’s to the Clothes You Only Wear At Home

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Do you know what the most popular question is from my 4 boys as we travel home from any destination? Could be coming home from church on a Sunday afternoon, school on a Tuesday or a week’s long vacation in the summer. The most popular questions is: “When we get home, can I put on my pajamas?”

Pajamas, or “jammies” as they’re often referred to in our home, are the wardrobe option of choice for my children. Why do they love them so much? What is the obsession of getting into their jammies when they get home? I believe it’s because pajamas are the perfect representation of everything a home is.

They’re comfortable, casual, and often represent who we are by the cartoon character or thematic element emblazoned on them. This got me thinking about the clothes I have that I only wear at home. You know what I’m talking about. The gray sweatpants that you’ve had since college but are just too ridiculously comfortable to throw out. The pair of jeans with the holes in them and the tattered ends that you just need to keep for when you need to repaint that spare room.

That sweatshirt or t-shirt that’s faded or worn out but has too much sentimental value to throw it away. What about the baseball cap that has more sweat stains than you care to think about but fits just the right way for those weekend warrior projects.

The list could go on and one from the flannel pajamas that make you stay in all day when it snows or even accessories like Snuggies and slippers that have zero fashion relevance but you wouldn’t trade them for a Burberry shopping spree. Ok, maybe you’d trade them for that. But the idea is the same for all of these clothing items. They represent the comforts of home.

Of course you wouldn’t wear them out in public. Why would you? They can only be appreciated and enjoyed in that place you call home.

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