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A childhood birthday party of mine

The second week of our Coldwell Banker International Film Festival kicks off with a wonderfully subtle and heartfelt film from Brazil called ‘Where Your Best Memories Live‘. This is our second entry from Brazil but the first from Mauricio Thomsen who is an Art-Director with a real passion for film-making.

There’s a certain unspoken power and feeling that comes over you when you look back at old photos. Seeing how we tend to take pictures during life’s most joyous and happy moments; looking back on them years later inevitably brings feelings of nostalgia and delight. Not only do we look back on those old childhood birthday or Christmas photos; we almost experience the sights and sounds from the days our photos were taken.

Thomsen’s film plays on this sensory experience to great effect in ‘Where Your Best Memories Live’ as he brings his old photographs from his childhood home to life.

“My film features a sequence of old photographs with great moments that happened inside or around a nice house. But using a technique with the photos being held in front of the camera aligned in the actual place where they were taken in the past. This is a well-known aesthetics and a worlwide “meme” web sensation, but here I took it to another level with movement in video and with ambient audio (simulated from what was happening in the old pictures). It’s a whole another experience, where they really “come to life” and bring up many great feelings.” – Mauricio Thomsen

Join us for the next story at films.coldwellbanker.com where the filmmaker’s “great memories come to life, a living proof that a house really enables unforgettable moments.” We certainly agree.

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