Houston boasts strong growth but still outpaced by suburbs

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Census data show city outgained all but NYC, while lagging county

May 21, 2014 | Updated: May 22, 2014 12:01pm

Houston gained more residents last year than any American city except New York, but growth in the rest of Harris County continued to outpace that of its largest city, according to census data released Thursday.

While Houston’s growth was healthy, its population expanded at a slower pace in the past three years than those of Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. The figures suggest that Houston continues to face challenges in its long effort to capture a greater share of regional growth.

Major Texas cities and their suburbs continued to enjoy robust growth. The state boasted seven of the 15 fastest-growing U.S. cities – including the booming Houston suburb of Pearland, whose population exceeded 100,000.

Experts said the Texas growth was fueled by employment gains in vibrant industries, especially in the energy, medical and technological sectors, and by a moderate cost of living and relatively low taxes.

Houston gained about 35,000 residents in the year ending July 1, 2013, second only to New York, boosting its total population to almost 2.2 million.

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