How a Baby Changed Astros Outfielder Dexter Fowler Idea of Home

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Babies can change your life in a lot of ways. Sleep, meal times and just the sheer amount of stuff you have to trek with you are all part of the changes a baby makes in your life. But for Houston Astros outfielder, Dexter Fowler, his baby girl changed his entire concept of home.

Having been traded from the Colorado Rockies to the Houston Astros, the biggest thing on Fowler’s mind was finding a home that would suit his now growing family. From appliances to accessibility to baby safety, these were all things that now were of utmost importance in Dexter and his wife’s home.

We actually met with Fowler two days after he moved into his new home to shoot the video below. Fowler had just returned from a road trip and when he left he was in a different place only to come back to his new home. Clearly his wife is an insanely wonderful woman to handle a move and setting up for a video shoot on her own all while taking care of an infant, but Fowler credited her for making their new place feel like home from the minute he walked into it.

Closet space is extremely important for Dexter Fowler as he has a ridiculous amount of sneakers, and yes I’m kind of jealous. Step inside the home of Dexter Fowler and his family in the latest video in the Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage series by watching below or clicking here to see all of our videos from MLB players.

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