How to Decorate a Room Without Painting the Walls

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This video from our friends at eHow Home speaks volumes to me. You see I hate painting. Hate it.

I’ve painted pretty much every room in my home multiple times. I’ve done lacquer stripes, faux finish and even painted over wallpaper. If I never had to paint a room again, I’d be willing to do almost anything. Don’t get me started on painting ceilings. Ugh.

But enough of my whining. This video goes through some tips and ideas of how you can decorate a room without having to go through the pain in the neck practice of painting walls. This is extremely useful for those who may be renting a home or apartment and don’t have the ability to paint the walls.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to avoid a painting project or a renter who has limitations on what you can do with your place, I’m pretty sure you’ll find the video above a useful resource.

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