How to get that perfect holiday bird

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Holiday cooking expert Rick Rodgers estimates he’s roasted at least 300 turkeys in his life, and he has answers.

Foolproof Recipes for Turkey, Stuffings and Dressings, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie, and More! (William Morrow, $15.95), he blogs at, where there are plenty of recipes.

Carol Miller, who has answered calls to the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line for 29 years, reminds people of three things: get your questions answered early, allow plenty of time to thaw your bird if it’s frozen and, if you’ve never cooked a whole turkey before, start simple.

The talk-line helps more than 1 million cooks every holiday via Facebook, Twitter, live chats, 800-BUTTERBALL and, which has servings sizes, conversion charts and more.

When selecting a turkey, Rodgers said, “The trick to knowing what kind of bird you’re going to buy is know your audience, which ties into budget.”

[…] if it’s a mixed crowd of foodies and friends who are indifferent, Rodgers recommends buying an all-natural bird that hasn’t been injected with flavoring.

The USDA is now recommending against rinsing poultry because all you’re doing is splashing bacteria around your kitchen.

If you’ve already bought or plan to purchase a frozen bird, allow for ample defrosting time. …read more

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