How to Keep Pets Cool and Safe at Home in the Summer

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Can you imagine sitting in your house wearing a fur coat on a 90 degree day? Sounds horrible right?

As the temperatures rise it is important to keep your pet(s) comfortable and healthy. The summer sun can cause pets to become overheated, dehydrated and if left outside, sunburned.

Here are a few tips for protecting your pet from the summer heat.

Give Them A Summer Haircut

Pets that have thick, long fur should be trimmed (not shaved) during warmer months. If your pet is anything like mine, then sunbathing is a favorite afternoon past time. Unfortunately this could lead to heat stroke if they aren’t properly groomed, reports Yahoo.

Keep Them Inside

You may think  you are doing them a favor by leaving them outside to catch the summer breeze but this could be a fatal mistake. According to Petfinder, even in the shade, a pet exposed to extreme heat and humidity is at risk for heatstroke. In addition to heatstroke, animals with shorter hair are also at risk for sunburn when left out in the sun. If you are outside in the sun with your pet, consider buying them Pet Suncreen.

Provide Plenty of Water

Water is likely to vaporize on extra hot days so providing one bowl may not be sufficient. Consider adding additional bowls in cooler spots of the house to ensure your pet stays hydrated. You may also want to add ice cubes to the water before you leave for work to keep the temperature of the water down.

Keep it Cool

Leaving the air conditioning on is the best way to keep your home cool while you are away. I know…some may be thinking no way, my electric bill will be through the roof! Unless you can leave your pet in a cool/shady place for the entire day, you should consider leaving …read more

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