How to Organize Your T-Shirt Drawer

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As a 3 sport athlete, sorority girl and occasional gym rat, I have acquired hundred of t-shirts over the past twenty something years. Needless to say my t-shirt drawer has always been a disaster. The sad part is, with all the t-shirts I own, I pretty much only wear 10 of them because I don’t have the patience to pull shirts from the bottom of the drawer.

This all changed when I discovered Alejandra Costello‘s “How to Fold T-Shirts” video which demonstrates the genius idea of stacks shirts horizontally. Her method makes it look like the shirts are folded perfectly and maximizes space. Alejandra, who is a professional organizer, not only taught me the best way to organize a drawer but introduced a tool that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I think you will be impressed too. Take a look at her video above and follow Alejandra on Twitter for more great organization ideas.

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