Is Carpet on its Way Out?

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While we don’t mean to slight the 1970’s, the truth is, it did birth some trends in both fashion and the home that we’d rather forget. Carpet, a trend that made its grand entrance in the seventies, may have over stayed its welcome and quite possibly is on its way out.  There is a new floor movement happening. Home owners and buyers are more likely to prefer a hard surface, like wood, to its soft and fluffy counterpart, carpet, reports

When it comes down to it, hardwood and other hard surfaces are a much better option for your home. Hardwood, stone, and laminate can be the star design element of several rooms in the house. Hard surfaces are easier to clean and maintain, while carpet is a harbor for dust, grime, and odor—resulting in the constant need for cleaning. While some may argue hard surfaces, particularly hardwood, can be quite pricey, there certainly are other options. For example, laminate that looks like hardwood has emerged as a new leading trend. If your home, or the potential home you’re interested in has hardwood underneath existing carpet, don’t be afraid to tackle the project of sanding, staining, and sanding, “Oh my.” Restoring or investing in hardwood is almost guaranteed to warrant a great return. The have been  cases reported which indicates installing or restoring hardwood  resulted in a 6% boost in sale prices, as reported by MSN Real Estate.

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