Is Home Fragrance That Extra Incentive To Buy?

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Sometimes it is the little things that make a buyer fall in love with a home. Home fragrance, because of human’s emotional tie to smell, is one such factor that can push a potential buyer over the edge toward purchasing. Before your next prospect walks through the door, burn that candle or turn up the Scentsy. It might just seal the deal.

The Research

Marketers have long known that smell helps determine why we buy. In his Paco Underhill’s book, “Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping,” he states that scent is the new frontier of marketing. Whether the appliance aisle smells like fresh linen, or baby stores pump the scent of baby powder through their vents, the connection people have with smell tends to led them to reach for their wallets. A smell has no particular importance until it is tied to something with meaning in a person’s life, creating a strong, yet subtle, bond.

Your Home

If it works in department stores, why not try out this technique in your home. The home fragrance that you use can tell a story about your home and the atmosphere it has. Below are a few common scents to try that might help to create a story about you and your home.


The Texas state flower might be a bluebonnet, but if you want to show your home as a relaxing oasis away from the busy world, lavender should be your home fragrance choice. Exposure to lavender can help decrease your heart rate and is a great stress reliever. If you want to show off your home as a place of comfort and peace, this should be your go-to home fragrance.


In Dallas, we often hear about that season called “Fall” but rarely get to see it. Fall scents make your home feel warm and inviting, like an evening around the fireplace with loved ones. For buyers that are family-oriented and looking for inviting evenings at home, the fragrance of pumpkin will bring out those emotions.

Sugar and Spice

Who really makes the decision to buy a home? If you are after the adult decision makers, cinnamon is a scent that is said to signify financial success and is appealing to many adults. On the other hand, there’s no denying that kids like sweet smells. If you are positioning your home as a great place to raise a family, you might be surprised how much decision power the little ones have. Whether it is cookies baking or apple pie, a sweet fragrance is sure to win over the little ones.

Emotional Ties

With all the things you are doing to try to market your home, there is no harm in adding in one extra factor. Home fragrance can evoke memories and meaning, and potentially connect a buyer to your home without them even realizing it.

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