Is the F Word Stopping You From Buying a Home? (Part 2)

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joe1 Is the F Word Stopping You From Buying a Home? (Part 2)

The Three Biggest Moments in a Person’s Life

1) Having a Baby

2) Getting Married

3) Buying a House for the First Time

(You may debate the order but let’s just say these are the top 3)

I checked off getting married in 2011 and wasn’t ready to tackle #1 on the list quite yet, so for the past two years my husband and I have been preparing for #3 on the list, buying a first house.

Despite the thought of jumping into homeownership being incredibly exciting, it also really scared me. To dispel my own fears and to help out others who were in the same boat I took to our blog and wrote Is the F Word Stopping You From Becoming a First Time Home Buyer?. The post focused on one of the biggest barriers to us, and so many others, beginning the journey toward owning a home…the F word…Fear.

Well it is ten months later and I am giddy to finally say I, Lindsay Adele Listanski, am a proud first time homeowner. I’m not the only one bursting with excitement check out my husband in the first official picture in our new place:

So now that our ten month adventure of house hunting has come to an end and our new adventure of being first time homeowners begins, I felt it would only be right to offer up what I learned to those who may be starting a journey of their own.

Here are some things that I learned along the way.

1. Working with a Real Estate Agent is a Must

Despite growing up in the real estate world (my father has been with Coldwell Banker nearly 30 years), having my own real estate license and being the social media manager for Coldwell Banker I STILL had seemingly endless questions. Without the help of my agent (who happened to be my dad) I truly would have been lost. Check out what could happen if you don’t use one.

2. Get Pre Approved (Immediately!)

I am NOT a numbers girl, but thankfully my husband happens to be a financial analyst. Despite him being a number crunching genius we learned very quickly that “we didn’t know what we didn’t know.”

When we first started out we made up some rough numbers based on monthly payments, average taxes in towns we liked and a guesstimate on what utility bills might cost. What a HUGE mistake this was. We completely forgot about closing costs and didn’t factor in private mortgage insurance which ended making a significant difference in our price range.

Thankfully we weren’t too far along in the process when we realized this and got connected with Coldwell Banker Home Loans. The team helped us to understand our price range, closing costs, and the different types of loans available to us. By understanding the pre approval we had a much more realistic view of what we could and couldn’t afford. If you are thinking about buying a home …read more

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