Want to give mom more than just flowers this Mother’s Day?

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Give her a view to admire!

This upcoming Mother’s Day, don’t just give, invest on a landscaping project that will raise her home value and continue to improve for years to come.

Landscape the backyard into her own retreat space to enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of tea along with a really good book.

A beautifully designed landscaped yard is not just a gift for her, but also a great investment as it will add value to your home when you are ready to sell.

How much value will landscaping add to you home? It’s hard to pin point an exact number as it all depends on the type of landscaping project you choose.

For example, according to a report done by the National Association of Realtors Research Department in 2016:

-Upgrading the landscape with seed lawn had the highest cost recovery of 417 percent,followed by a standard lawn care program (303 percent) and upgrading the landscape withsod lawn (143 percent).
-An overall landscape upgrade, new patio, new deck, and softscape upgrade all rendered roughly 100 percent in cost recovery and each project received a
Joy Score of 9.6 or higher.
How much you spend and how elaborate of a design you want is up to you. However, adding curb appeal can make all the difference in how your house is viewed.

Here are some inexpensive tips to keeping an attractive looking yard:  Firstly, keep your yard clean and clutter-free.  In addition, maintain a green lawn (as much as possible), and lastly add a splash of color with some flower annuals.

A beautifully landscaped and clean home is far more attractive and inviting to potential buyers.  Therefore, investing on the outside look of your home is as important as up-keeping the inside.

In conclusion, this Mother’s Day invest in a gift that will give her more value for her home.

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