Legos Make the Coolest Homes on the Block

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evan house Legos Make the Coolest Homes on the Block

The following is a guest post from Evan Jordan

I have fond memories of my childhood home. Digging for dinosaur bones in the backyard, trying to hit my dad’s wiffle curve over the roof and mastering my jump shot on the hoop over the garage. My best friend lived three houses down. I met two of my siblings in that house.

My family moved right when I was starting middle school. It’s a little sad seeing pictures of the house today because it’s so different than when I remember it. At least each of the new owners has kept the basketball hoop over the garage. Seeing it brings back a flood of happy memories.

I’m sure a lot of people feel a little tinge of nostalgia when they see their childhood home changed. Nothing is ever as good as the original. I think redditor iamjob1 would agree. He went to great lengths to capture the detail of his childhood home with this amazing Lego replica pictured above.

It’s the small details that bring back the best memories, so I love the flag, the bench on the patio and the light fixture. He even nailed the chimney!

lego chimney Legos Make the Coolest Homes on the Block

He posted more pictures on this Reddit post. It turns out those light blue pieces are pretty rare, so the entire project ended up costing about $150. Whatever the cost, if it’s not the coolest house on the block, it’s at least the coolest house made of blocks!

What do you think? Did you ever build model versions of your house with Legos? What’s your favorite detail about your childhood home?

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