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 The ultimate Houston fixer-upper!

By Nancy Sarnoff
Couple shares grand vision for once-grand Weingarten estate along Brays Bayou

   Last summer when Darryl and Lori Schroeder purchased their $2.25 million fixer-upper in Riverside Terrace, the grounds were lush and the trees that had been growing for decades were full and filled with birds. With the sun at a certain angle, a visitor could see beyond the aging white brick and envision the grand estate once perched on these five acres along Brays Bayou in a Houston neighborhood formerly known as the “Jewish River Oaks.”   

Six months later, frigid weather has left some of the trees barren and the grass more brown. The house, too, is a shell, stripped of most of the remnants left by its former owners. Worn carpets have been pulled out and rotten boards have been replaced, as the home sits poised for a real estate renewal unlike anything seen here before.   

“There’s something really important about this project,” said David Bucek, the architect handling the restoration. “It’s captured the imagination of a lot of folks.”   

The Schroeders, who bought the Weingarten mansion last year and vowed to save it from demolition, said their vision for the property includes living in the home as well as using it for charitable functions.

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