My Two New Favorite Cleaning Products

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ssc My Two New Favorite Cleaning Products

When I moved into my house last month I knew I would be rolling up my sleeves to de-germ and clean what was left from the previous owners. What I didn’t know was that I would be faced with two of the toughest cleaning tasks I have ever faced.

Stainless Steel Solution

Let’s start with the stainless steel oven and refrigerator. Before I go any further can I just question whoever put the “stainless” in stainless steel? When I moved in my appliances were covered in smudges, streaks, and spots that no product in my normal cleaning arsenal stood a chance against. After spending 30 minutes, destroying a rag, and wasting countless paper towels I accepted defeat and headed off to Home Depot. Before I could even finish my sentence I was greeted with a smile and was pointed toward the cleaning section where I was introduce to my first favorite new product…

This CLR Stainless Steel Cleaner worked like a dream. Within seconds my appliances looked like they were brand new. They were smudge free, shiny, and there was thin layer that seems to prevent future smudging.

Shower Door Savior

We hired a cleaning service to deep clean everything before we moved our furniture in. I was so excited to come home to find everything (except for the stove/refrigerator) shining like new, until I walked into the bathroom. I could tell they clearly cleaned the sinks, floor, mirror, and toilet but it seemed like they completely forgot the shower door, which was in bad shape when we moved in. I called our cleaning woman and she said they did their best but there was nothing more they could do and that I might have to replace it. I tried my own luck and no matter how hard I scrubbed I couldn’t get the cloudy, dirty look out of the glass. It almost seemed like the glass was dirty from the inside.

My family friend, Armando, who lives on our street came over to check out our house that night and when I showed him the bathroom I pointed out how embarrassing the shower door was and said I was going to replace it. He asked me if I had any CLR and I lit up remembering the success I had with the Stainless Steel cleaner. He told me they make a bathroom/kitchen spray and sure enough it worked perfectly.

bk My Two New Favorite Cleaning Products

Take a look at this before and after picture of the door:

showerdoor My Two New Favorite Cleaning Products

Our Shower Door Before and After CLR Cleaner

So as you can see I am now a MAJOR fan of these two products and look forward to trying more from this brand. Here is the full list of Jelmar CLR products:

Bath & Kitchen Cleaner
BBQ Grill Cleaner
Grease Magnet
Metal Clear
Mold & Mildew Stain Remover
Outdoor Furniture Cleaner
Power Plumber
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