Never Lose Stuff in Your House Again

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sticknfind radar hand Never Lose Stuff in Your House Again

Lost your keys or wallet when you are already running late for work?

Stuck on the same channel because you have no idea where the remote control is?

NO CLUE where your pet is hiding?

Sound familiar?

We have discovered a product that allows you to keep tabs on these items and doubles as way to track pets and even children! It is called StickNFind. As the Queen of misplacing my cell phone and keys, the second I found this product I had a “Shut up and take my money” moment.

What Is It?

StickNFind is a tracking device that is about the size of a quarter. You can stick them to any device, person or animal (suggest collar tag), and find them with your Smart Phone.

Requirements: iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, new iPad, New Touch, mini iPad) It also works on Android devices supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, running Android 4.1 and newer.

They come in six different colors and are available in the following quantities:

2 pack- $49.99

4 pack- $89.99

6 pack- $129.99

10 pack- $199.99

20 pack- $389.99

How It Works

Remember playing the “Hot/Cold” game when you were younger and trying to find something only to be tortured by an adult saying warm, hot, boiling as you approached the lost item or cold, chilly, freezing as you strayed away? The StickNFind is similar but instead of a taunting voice you are directed to the item with guidance from a Smart Phone app.

The Radar Screen displays all your devices that have been tagged within range.You can tap the Sticker on the radar screen and decide if you would like it to Buzz, Flash the Lights or do both. Note: the radar Screen can only be used to approximate the distance of the Stick-N-Find to your phone, but not direction.

Once you have located on the Radar Screen …read more

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