Our Favorite Thanksgiving Moments

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thanks football Our Favorite Thanksgiving Moments

Thanksgiving is an occasion to be enjoyed with others. Instead of just one of us talking about Thanksgiving memories, traditions and even plans for this year, Gus, Lindsay and I sat down to share our different takes on turkey day.

Here’s how the discussion played out:

What’s a Thanksgiving tradition in your home?

David: Coming from an Italian family, we didn’t just have turkey on Thanksgiving. We had to have pasta too. Sometimes ziti. Sometimes stuffed shells. But red “gravy” was always involved.

Gus: With Puerto Rican and Italian roots in my family, our roasted pork, “arroz con gandules” and lasagna dishes were just as important as the turkey! Food aside, for some reason we always end up watching “The Honeymooners” DVDs until the wee hours of the morning.

Lindsay: Helping my husband get ready for his annual Turkey Day Classic football game with his family (image to the right). His grandfather started the tradition over forty years ago and the tradition continues to live on. The morning of Thanksgiving my husband is up bright and early fired up to play and I get such a kick out of seeing him so excited.

What’s a favorite Thanksgiving memory from your home growing up?

Gus: The Thanksgiving of 2009 is a special memory to me. I had moved out of my parents’ house a few months earlier and hadn’t been around much besides the occasional quick visit. I made a point of going back “home” first thing that morning and remember how great it felt to be back. We all ate breakfast together, watched the parade, I played entirely too much Playstation with my little brother and just had an all around perfect day with my family. It felt good to be “home”.

Lindsay: I have two. The first was my first Thanksgiving home from college. I have a really special relationship with my parents and it was hard for me to move away from home. Spending that first holiday home with them after I moved out was something I will always remember. My mom and dad, as always, went overboard and made sure it was a day filled with amazing food, champagne toasts, and happiness. Of course, it made it hard to leave and go back to school. My second favorite memory was the first Thanksgiving I spent with my husband who at the time was my boyfriend. I had never spent a holiday away from my family. Spending our first holiday together was a big step toward spending our life together and I could tell by the way his family acted together that it was family I wanted to be a part of forever…and now I am.

David: I distinctly remember it’s the day when my parents broke out the Christmas music. The tree and other decorations might not have been up, but the music was playing and brought to the car for the trip to Grandma’s house. That and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade were standard operating procedure in my home.

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