Prepare Your Home for Summer

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Summer is officially almost here (finally)!!

Getting a house ready for summer is important. To get ready for the heat, many people try to lighten up the tones of their home and clean it from top to bottom to keep it bug-free. In addition, there are several ways to organize a house to avoid the hassle of managing it when the heat sets in.


Take the time to go through a home and remove excess items that are old or no longer in use. Owners can store seasonal items in attics, sheds or basements, and create a pile to donate to charity. Decluttering can make a home feel more spacious and make the process of organizing feel less stressful.

In addition to tossing or storing unwanted items, it’s also beneficial to walk through the home and toss old rugs, hand towels, sheets, placemats and curtains that are worn. The same goes for candles, appliances and other household items that have run their course or are no longer in season.

Go lighter

After a home has been cleared of clutter, homeowners can lighten the mood and get into the spirit of summer by replacing dark patterns with lighter, neutral colors. For example, purchasing new soft throw pillows, replacing dark heavy comforters with lighter quilts and putting down new rugs can add an element of coolness to a home, according to The House Designers.

The beginning of summer is also a good time to clean the home from top to bottom and get to areas that may not have been touched since fall or winter. Wash windows, replace the outside glass door with a screen, clean the dust off of ceiling fans and air vents and clean out cabinets, bookshelves and hard-to-reach places. This will not only give owners a sense of accomplishment, but also help reduce dust …read more

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