Producers: Goat meat a hot product

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More people are interested in healthy eating, and goat meat offers a healthy alternative to beef, pork or chicken, said Adams, who has 70 goats on six acres on her Bridgestone Manor Farm in Carroll County. Demand from restaurants in Baltimore and Washington that serve goat entrees, along with a desire for locally raised meat, explain a growing goat meat market, said Will Morrow, co-owner of Whitmore Farm in Emmitsburg, and one of about 100 goat producers in Frederick County. Family Meal restaurant in Frederick ran a weeklong goat ravioli special recently using Morrow’s meat. When she was diagnosed with osteopenia — a precursor to osteoporosis — Rollman was upset at the thought of taking prescription drugs, she said. Because there was no family history, Rollman did not believe her problem was genetic, so she began to research the dietary aspects of the disease. Muslims, Hispanics, Africans, Asians and Caribbean islanders are interested, Schoenian said.

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