Professional and amateur enthusiasts are creating the finest daylily hybrids

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Professional and amateur enthusiasts alike are creating the finest of hybrids Some of my favorites: ‘Lone Star Hot Lips,’ ‘Primal Scream,’ ‘Kiss My Buds’ and ‘Bloom With a View.’ Professional and backyard enthusiasts have apparently found hybridizing these popular perennials as easy as breeding rabbits. Native to eastern Asia, daylilies were introduced to this country in the 19th century, where they’ve proved their resilience flowering as “ditch lilies” along country roads and at abandoned homesteads. Some cultivars have an eye, a darker-colored zone on the petals and sepals of the bloom just above the throat, or a watermark, an area above the flower’s throat that is lighter in color than the petal color. The blooms may be shaped like trumpets or spiders; be flat, round, ruffled or triangular; or be single or double. Most modern daylilies also are repeat bloomers, says Paula Payne, who with her husband, Leon Payne, will host an open garden May 18 at their Paynes in the Grass Daylily Farm in Pearland. (Too much nitrogen encourages lush foliage instead of flowers.) Add alfalfa pellets for a boost. Daylily cultivars vary in susceptibility to rust; look for those less prone to this fungal disease that affects the leaves.

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