Real Estate Headlines Featuring Lincoln, Rutherford B. Hayes and More

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Happy President’s Day to you all and perhaps your day even involves relaxing at home. What used to be a celebration of two separate birthdays has been consolidated to one generic holiday. Before you start wondering where the other vacation day went, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines – President’s Day edition.

Did you know there are 264 homes on with “presidential” used in the description?

We even have a home for sale that references Rutherford B. Hayes.

Of all the US Presidents, Thomas Jefferson had the most interesting collection of homes.

What’s the most popular post on the blog over the last two years? The Homes of Abraham Lincoln.

While not a president, Benjamin Franklin’s historic home was actually the first American embassy.

What presidential place of rest is referred to as the “people’s house?”

President Ford had a pretty nice ski retreat.

Which president owned a home called Lindewald? (Hint: He had great hair)

President Obama has a “winter White House” in Hawaii that is just insanely gorgeous.

And finally, looks like you can rent the home of the best fictional president portrayed on film, Michael Douglas (a.k.a. Andrew Shephard from An American President) who has a place in Bermuda that goes for $28,000 a month.

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