Real Estate Headlines for Thanksgiving

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Loosen that belt buckle and break out the sweater that’s extra roomy because there’s a lot of eatin’ going on this week. Before you either jump for joy or start feeling depressed, let’s kick off this week of feasting with a Thanksgiving themed weekly dose of real estate headlines:

Miles Standish wishes he had this ultimate Thanksgiving Spotify playlist to make that first Thanksgiving even more festive.

A Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie is like American Idol without Ryan Seacrest. It just isn’t right. However, if you’re feeling adventurous here are 5 new ways to serve pumpkin pie from your kitchen.

Eating your turkey in front of the TV? I bet you wish you were instead having dinner at one of these fictional TV homes who would offer a ridiculously entertaining Thanksgiving.

So you’re the guy (or gal) who wants to deep fry that bird this holiday. In order to ensure you make it to New Year’s please take a look at these tips to deep fry that turkey safely.

Heading over the river and through the woods or just around the corner? Either way many of us will be “Homeward Bound” and there’s definitely a Thanksgiving-esque sentiment behind the lyrics to this classic Simon & Garfunkel tune.

Uh oh. Just found out your cousin’s girlfriend is a vegetarian? Here are some tips on hosting a vegetarian for Thanksgiving. (Hint: Avoid Tofurkey.)

What’s that? You’re going to serve turducken at your house? John Madden has some tips for you.

Don’t be the home that has a vegetable platter for appetizers. Try one of these 15 delicious appetizer ideas for Thanksgiving.

Does your dining room table need a turkey centerpiece? I’m pretty sure it does. Etsy has some options for you.

And finally, round apple pies are so 2012. Here’s a recipe for the best apple pie you’ll ever have come out of your kitchen…and it’s square.

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