Real Estate Headlines for the Almost End of June

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A belated happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. What a weekend for the sports loving dad. You had the NBA Finals, the US Open, Major League Baseball and maybe you even got to go see the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. Whether you’re a dad or not, let’s start the week off right with your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

What is real estate’s new craze? Well in Houston it’s million dollar townhomes.

Marketwatch has an interesting slideshow of the most expensive home styles in America.

Madonna’s NYC apartment is selling for $16 million.

This is how not to rid your home of bed bugs: “NJ homeowner sets home on fire trying to kill bedbugs.”

Forbes reports that until mortgage rates hit 10.5% buying a home will still be cheaper than renting.

This might turn out to be a really good real estate investment: A San Francisco parking spot sells for $82,000.

Think a summer vacation home is out of your reach? Yahoo! Finance thinks you should reconsider.

Here’s a list of home repairs to do before you refinance your home. has the top 7 trends in home design. “Fantasy fire features” is the most interesting of them all.

Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison, has evidently created his own “fantasy island” that he can call home.

And finally, Dubai is apparently the home for real estate records as they now lay claim to the title of being home to the “world’s tallest, twisted tower.”

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