Real Estate Headlines for the Dog Days of August

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Oh August. How your humidity and heat makes us want you gone, but seeing summer go makes us hate to see you leave. The dog days of August are upon us as the commute feels a little bit lighter and the summer vacations have their final days in the sun. But before you head to the beach, lake or just the A/C here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:

Who wouldn’t want to own a house from Frank Lloyd Wright? Turns out not that many as many of his homes are having a hard time selling.

Good real estate news = Home prices rose again in July.

Turns out the good news isn’t just for the U.S. as Canad’s housing market is still running hot.

Really interesting editorial piece from The Guardian about how one writer feels that for her generation an affordable home seems like an impossible dream.

Looking for some home redesign inspiration? says look no further than this Moroccan hotel.

Got no kids? The nation’s capital might be the place for you according to a new study.

Here is a list of the 20 cheapest neighborhoods in America.

If you happen to have $190 million dollars lying around, you could own this “farm” in Greenwich, CT.

Interested in a galvanized steel, electro-hydraulic lift system that can store two cars at your home? Then you definitely need a Cardok.

And finally, if you really, really, really love your cat, you may need a pet zen bed to truly complete your home.

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