Real Estate Headlines for the First Week of December

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If you have Bing Crosby ringing in your ear and your clothes feel a bit snugger, you know it’s the week after Thanksgiving. December is here and the holidays are upon us. Before you panic about the need to get a picture taken to put on those holiday cards, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

LA Times reports that home prices jump in some of the largest U.S. cities but the pace is slowing.

What’s the most important lesson in house flipping? has the answer.

Is buying a home the right move for single women? USA Today has the story on the growing trend of single women buying homes.

Sure you know about Silicon Valley, but what about Silicon Beach? Housing prices are surging there as more techies move in.

What on earth is an escalation clause? shares when you should use one.

Washington Post writes about how trust in your real estate agent is the foundation of home buying and selling.

So you wanna be a landlord? Here are 5 easy tips on how to be a successful one.

And finally, guess who wants to get in on the housing market? The legendary video game series Final Fantasy. An update to Final Fantasy XIV will allow players to buy plots of land which they can then build on.

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